Remove docucom watermark paperport

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[SOLVED] ScansoftPaperport 11 uninstall HELP please!

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To get rid of the watermark, you will have to edit the registry. Edit the Get Rid of the DocuCom PDF Trial Watermark in - A Better Way to Uninstall Doc to Pdf Converter with Added Benefits There is a much easier and safer way to uninstall Doc to.

Paperport 10 came with my new Dell printer and along with it the obnixious watermark. After 3 days on the phone and on-line tech support with Dell and trying the fix with Nuance, I am still not able to scan. They sent me PaperPort 11 and it did the same thing.

ARGG very frustrating. May 31,  · I have a scanner software (Paperport) that I've used for years and even the newer versions work fine with 32 bit XP (98SE or W for that matter) but with Windows 7 (Vista or XP 64bit), watermarks are created on all of PDF files which is the default file type for scanning or print to file in Paperport.

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Dec 30,  · I'd first try Revo Uninstaller (free version). That should allow you to pass the CD demand (because it stays active after you're forced to click on 'Cancel' in the Paperport uninstall routine).

Remove docucom watermark paperport
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