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In its basic form, the concept that genes produce enzymes had been first put forth as early as by Archibald Garrod—as Beadle acknowledged when he and Tatum were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in Search for jobs related to Redi biology or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 14m+ jobs.

We have 9 animations in SWF of biology course for our students and we would like convert this animations on html5 average Wight g. 2- Divided in to 3 groups. 3- Each group consisted of 5 rats.

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min before experiment, the. Francesco Redi was able to disprove the theory that maggots could be spontaneously generated from meat using a controlled experiment. Spontaneous generation, the theory that life forms can be generated from inanimate objects, had been around since at least the time of Aristotle.

Redi successfully demonstrated that the maggots came from fly eggs and thereby helped to disprove spontaneous generation. Or so he thought. In England, John Needham challenged Redi's findings by conducting an experiment in which he placed a broth, or “gravy,” into a bottle, heated the bottle to kill anything inside, then sealed it.

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In spite of his well-executed experiment, the belief in spontaneous generation remained strong, and even Redi continued to believe it occurred under some circumstances. The invention of the microscope only served to enhance this belief.

The correct answer is: Both were attempts to disprove spontaneous generation. Explanation: The idea of spontaneous generation, an ancient theory that states that.

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