Posada amazonas

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The lodge is situated next to the Tambopata National Reserve, so, naturally, there are a wealth of activities to enjoy during your stay. At Posada Amazonas Lodge guests will find an airport shuttle, a hour front desk and a garden. Other facilities offered at the property include a tour desk and luggage storage/10(32).

Some rates at Posada Amazonas are all-inclusive.

Posada Amazonas Lodge, Peru/Tambopata National Reserve

These rates include onsite meals and beverages, and may include taxes and gratuities. Additional charges may apply for meals at some restaurants, special /5(5).

The Posada Amazonas Lodge is the perfect choice for your first experience of the Amazon Rainforest.

The Posada Amazonas Lodge

The lodge contains 30 bedrooms and is located just 43 minutes by boat from the town of Puerto Maldonado. Posada Amazonas is built within the 2, hectare, private, Infierno communal reserve, which in turn is directly adjacent to the Tambopata National Reserve. To get there you must fly to Puerto Maldonado from Lima or Cusco on daily commercial flights lasting 45 or 90 minutes respectively.

Stay at Posada Amazonas, Southern Amazon. The rooms at the Posada Amazonas are designed to be at one with the rainforest and only have three walls with a .

Posada amazonas
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Posada Amazonas Lodge - A Rainforest Expeditions Eco-Lodge