Ib art sl artist statement

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Visual arts

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International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit Awards

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IB Visual Arts SL Artist Statement A quote which I always keep in mind when making art is by Banksy, “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”. The IB Diploma Programme visual arts course encourages students to challenge their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries.

It is a thought-provoking course in which students develop analytical skills in problem-solving and divergent thinking, while working towards technical proficiency and confidence as art-makers.

IB Art (HL & SL) – Year 2

The Curatorial Rationale is similar to an artists’ statement, but refers specifically to the work selected for this exhibition rather than the general artistic output. It is required for Part 3, The denverfoplodge41.comts explain their choices of artworks and the decision making around how they are denverfoplodge41.comts reflect on how they found solutions to issues in the selection, arrangement.

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Get Started. Home About Me IB Portfolio Artwork Projects >. The prerequisite for AP General Art Portfolio, AP History of Art, IB Art/Design SL Option A, IB Art/Design SL Option B, and IB Art/Design HL is one credit of any Art II course.

The prerequisite for all other Level IV art courses is one credit of Art III in the corresponding discipline. A SAMPLE STARTER UNIT IN YEAR 1This Unit Plan is based on the teaching material in A Sense of Place. A version for students can be found in my textbook Visual Arts for the IB Diploma, (Cambridge University Press).It is especially designed for students starting IB Art.

Ib art sl artist statement
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