A tragedy averted

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Tragedy averted as fuel tanker spills content on the road in Ado Ekiti

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IED detected by roadside in Pulwama district in J-K

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Cops: “Potential Tragedy” Averted at Bonner & Prendergast

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Another tanker tragedy averted in Lagos

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Vasai: Major tragedy averted as gas leaks from goods train

I Learned About Boating From This: A Boating Tragedy Averted and a Lesson Learned. Learn from the mistakes of this fellow boater. By Donald Bolton posted Sep 10th, at am.

Comments. Instituting some safety practices but neglecting others created a wild night for this boater. Gas Leak Results in Voluntary Evacuations. By Will Johnson Messenger Reporter. ELKHART – A gas leak shortly before noon on Wednesday, Aug.

1 resulted in voluntary evacuations for Elkhart residents, closed US Highway for several hours and forced traffic to be diverted to several farm-to-market roads in and around the city.

So while the crisis was averted, savers and consumers should go ahead and test their emergency resolves and reserves.

Tragedy narrowly averted

Tragedy was averted yesterday as a tanker conveying 33, litres of diesel nearly emptied its contents on Ayobo-Ipaja Road, Lagos State, due to mechanical faults. Daily Sun gathered that the. Tragedy Averted This is the second time in a decade Trussway employees have saved a life on the job.

The Friday shift ended on June 30, at the Orlando, Florida Trussway plant, and the production employees began making their way over to the office.

A tragedy averted
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Vasai: Major tragedy averted as gas leaks from goods train